Bear-Tastic Brand Ambassador Program

Bear-Tastic is searching for Brand Ambassadors! You might know the kind of person I’m looking for – they’re the one who always puts their own personal flair on everything they do, inspires others, is a natural on social media and happens to love cute bear merch! Maybe he or they are one of your besties, maybe you know them on social media or maybe they’re you!!

Perks of Being a Brand Ambassador

Bear-Tastic Brand Ambassadors enjoy the following sweet perks:
  • One free item of Bear-Tastic Merch every month
  • An exclusive 20% discount on all Bear-Tastic Merch
  • I will frequently feature Bear-Tastic Brand Ambassadors on the Bear-Tastic website and my social media channels.

Brand Ambassador Jobs

I’m asking every Bear-Tastic Brand Ambassador to:
  • Create social media content to help generate a buzz for new product releases.
  • Create images and social media posts featuring you rocking Bear-Tastic merch.
  • Share Bear-Tastic brand messages with your community in an inclusive way.
  • Set your social media channels to public.
  • Have fun and look good doing it!

How to Become a Brand Ambassador for Bear-Tastic

Being a Bear-Tastic Brand Ambassador is an important role. I want to work with fun and fabulous members of the bear community! I’m looking to connect with people of all racial backgrounds and body types who can create body-positive, inclusive and compelling social media content. You should have a good amount of followers on your social media channels. It doesn’t matter if you use Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube or TikTok - I want to meet you!

To apply to become a Bear-Tastic Brand Ambassador please provide me with the following information:
  1. Your full name, email address and links to your social media channels. Be sure to have your channels set to public!
  2. Please write a short message telling me why you would make a great Bear-Tastic Brand Ambassador and cover the following points:
    • What qualities do you believe make you an excellent candidate for the Bear-Tastic Brand Ambassador Program?
    • What ideas do you have for promoting Bear-Tastic merch in your community?
    • Tell me about your passions - what motivates and inspires you!
    • Other things you’d like me to know about you.
  3. Lastly, use my contact form here with the Subject: Bear-Tastic Brand Ambassador Program + Full Name to apply. I´m looking forward to meeting you! Remember, if you know someone you think would be perfect for the role please send them the link to this page!

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